Learn How to Change Your Handwriting to Change Your Life

The Course

Tools for Change

Using the Vimala Alphabet

If there are parts of your life you wish were different, here is the good news: We create our world and we can re-create it using our handwriting. This course gives concrete tools for changing your handwriting and thereby changing your life.

  • letting go of what no longer serves you,
  • using the power of energy centers in writing,
  • balancing your thinking, feeling and willing to create what you want,
  • becoming more heart-centered,
  • letting go of worry, fear,
  • bringing people closer.


  • 4 lessons, plus
  • 30-minute private session to answer questions and create a path forward that meets your needs.


In a coaching relationship, after reviewing your handwriting, I give you detailed instructions on how the process works and what I want you to do.

For the next 40 days, you practice the handwriting changes I give you every day.



We speak over the phone 3 more times, usually about once every two weeks and correspond via email.


Before each call, you email me a picture of your handwriting so we can refer to it as we speak.


I guide you and support you in the changes, going as deep as you want during this time.

For this investment in having your life change, I ask $600.

The Books

Soul Development Through Handwriting

The Waldorf Approach to the Vimala Alphabet

How the Letters Dance Me

A Guidebook for the Vimala Alphabet