Jennifer teaches a writing style that prepares individuals to be powerful contributors in the world. Her direct experience of the transformative power of the Vimala alphabet, having reaped the benefits of completely reshaping her own handwriting, has led her to sharing this work. Her unique way working both supports and encourages you to make changes in your writing and life.

After raising her family Waldorf style, Jennifer is in a new chapter of her life. With time and space to explore, her most precious time is with her alphabetical co-adventurers, painting, and dropping into the divine feminine. Long walks, dance, pouring paint, inner work, healthy lifestyle, social change, and relationships; these feed her soul. Nothing is more satisfying to Jennifer than being a part of transformation, hers or yours. An inspired speaker, people comment on her being luminous or radiant when sharing her work.

With a B.A. degree in Psychology, coaches training by Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and certification as a Handwriting Consultant through Vimala Rodgers’ International Institute of Handwriting Studies (IIHS), Jennifer brings her professional skills to her profoundly transformative work. She invites you to come and share this journey with her!

Jennifer, mother of three adult children, dances and paints in the Sierra Nevada foothills.