Sacred Symbols for Change

January 12 - Inner Path (Commercial Street in Nevada City)


Each of the letters are sacred symbols and each of the letters of the alphabet have qualities, much like your friends and family. They are unique and individual, yet have some similarities. Each has qualities that can assist us in expressing our true selves or make it harder. In this introductory look at the Alphabet, we will explore letters that can make a big difference in your life.

As you move, so you write. As you change one, the other changes. Handwriting is a fun and simple way to bring change into your life. As an author of two book, Soul Development Through Handwriting (2007) and How the Letters Dance Me (2015), Jennifer has a wealth of insights to share.

Working from the knowledge gain from working with people all over the world for the past decade, you will learn basic principles of change and how to apply it in your life. Be sure to bring paper and pen to practice and take notes.



Timing: January 12, 2019 from 10 am to Noon plus a 30-minute private session with Jennifer Crebbin to be held within 3 months of course completion date.



This is a life changing course that is kept small to allow generous teacher student interaction and feedback. The full course price is $49

What Students Say:

  • "I so love your style of teaching.

  • "Thank you for another great lesson! I just listened to it again and rehearing everything deepened my understanding.

  • "Thank you so much for teaching this fantastic class.

  • "Your stories and experiences really help to make the concepts live inside of me. All of the letters now have more personality. Thank you for offering this class. I see it as a service to the community of people who want to make changes.

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