How the Letters Dance Me: Guidebook for the Vimala Alphabet

Laid out in ready-to-use formats suitable for the beginning student to advanced practitioner, perfect for classroom or private use, How the Letters Dance Me is a guidebook to forming the Vimala Alphabet®. It offers the alphabet in traceable, descriptive and multiple practice formats to guide you in changing your life.

How the Letters Dance Me has six pages for each letter:

  • One large traceable letter both uppercase and lowercase,
  • A page describing what the letter brings and its form in words,
  • Practice pages for uppercase and lowercase letters- stroke by stroke with zone guidelines,
  • Pages to practice the uppercase and lowercase letters together with zone guidelines,
  • Finally, practice pages for the most advanced writer: three rows of uppercase and lowercase letters together, then three rows of words using the letter.

In addition to the practice pages there is an index of the Human Qualities and their Corresponding Letter to assist in selecting letters to practice and a Zone and Slant page, without letters, to use as a template for practicing.

From the book: “Every single day, as we walk, talk, eat, breathe, sing, share, work and create our way through life. The dance of our handwriting captures the dance of our life. It captures our hesitations, doubts and fears, as well as our joys, talents and desires.”

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